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First Floor

March 31, 2015


The first floor of the Mill was full of wonderful things. It was mostly a museum but we fed people here, had music concerts, displayed Nancy’s collection of feed sack clothes and quilts. It was the home of the big safe and the feed mixer and the Mill equipment museum. I will talk more about it in future pages.

2015 03 31 blog mill first2015 03 31 blog 2011 10 NN 934 Quilts2015 03 31 blog 2009 11 1213


March 30, 2015


One of the best loved features of the Mill museum was the diorama of Freedom Falls. It was on loan to the Mill by the Pumping Jack Museum and located in the room that connected the Emporium with the first floor Museum.

2015 03 30 blog 4965


March 29, 2015


Before I move on to more of the Mill, I thought I would devote a page to the window dressings for the Emporium. Nancy and Sally Vereb were the ones who put these together with a little lighting help from myself. Nancy learned how to make the snowflakes from U-Tube and found the carolers and snowman.

2015 03 29 blog 5099 carolers2015 03 29 blog 4695 Fall2015 03 29 blog 5279 Snowman

Nancy & Rodney

March 28, 2015


Nancy Hillwig and Rodney John were both vendors at the Emporium. Nancy did Steelers and crafts and Rodney did beautiful indian jewelry. We also discovered that Rodney and his daughter were musicians and they preformed for us one Saturday night during the 2014 summer season.

2015 03 28 blog 4336 nancy H2015 03 28 blog 4335 Rodney2015 03 28 blog 4386 Rodney


March 27, 2015


Leona Hanna is from Harrisville and does really cool crafts. She has wonderful painted characters on slab wood and had soaps and candles and little owls. She decorates sleds and has something for every season.

2015 03 27 blog 4669 Leona2015 03 27 blog 4930 Leona2015 03 37 blog 4942 Leona


March 26, 2015


Linda Hansford lives in Knox and paints wonderful pictures on slate, wood and canvas. She loves animals and will create a portrait of your favorite animal friend for you. She also makes hand made greeting cards.

2015 03 26 blog 4613 Linda2015 03 26 blog 4614 Linda


March 25, 2015


Jean is another of the original antique dealers with the Mill who worked with Barb. She lives in Butler and always has interesting additions for her bookcase of antiques.

2015 03 25 blog 4122 Jean2015 03 25 blog 4123 Jean

Bill and Romania

March 24, 2015


We had some inventory at the Emporium that was on consignment although that was not our business model. Both sets were from people closing out houses. One set was from a fellow nut grower friend of Nancy’s and the other was a very generous family from Chapel on the Hill that asked that the proceeds be given to a Romanian orphanage.

2015 03 24 blog 4242 Rosenko2015 03 24 blog 4801 Romania2015 03 24 blog 4116 Rosenko


March 23, 2015


Sally Vereb is the owner of the Button House in Foxburg and had a wonderful display of buttons at the Emporium. She also helped us decorate the Emporium window and the Mill for each season.

2015 03 23 blog 4124 Sally2015 03 23 blog 4270 Sally


March 22, 2015


David Newbury is the owner of the Bridge Antiques building in Emlenton and very generously moved his entire inventory to the Mill so that we could open the second floor of antiques. The picture is of myself, Paul Newbury, in the Emporium, with my Amazing Stitches Emlenton Mill shirt. Happy first day of Spring.

2015 03 22 blog 4745 David2015 03 22 blog 4277 Paul2015 03 22 blog 4911 David