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Mill Watercolor

February 5, 2017


My sister-in-law, Pat Whitaker just presented us with a beautiful watercolor of the Emlenton Mill. Her husband Bob donated the furniture for the ice cream shop, the racks for the bunkhouse beds and the third floor stage among many other things. We thank them both for their kindness.


FAWM Returns to Emlenton

July 9, 2015


Next Weekend July 17-19 FAWM returns to Emlenton for its fourth weekend and concert. They will be performing at the Crawford Center on Saturday July 18 at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30PM. The concert is free and will be lots of fun.

2015 FAWM Poster

Rockwood Mill

June 19, 2015


In June of 2006 we visited the Rockwood Mill and Opera house to see how they did their renovation. They chose to go the historical designation route and told us it was very expensive because of all the rules. While there we found this old wood water pipe out in back of the Mill.

2015 06 19 blog 2006 06 0593 OPERA MILL2015 06 19 blog 2006 06 0611 PIPE


June 18, 2015


There have been a number of cafes and restaurants at the Mill. Daniel, who ran the Complete Burger for a season at the Mill, is shown cutting a new door into the second floor pantry where the restaurants stored their supplies. This door was across from the second floor bathrooms. 2006

2015 06 18 blog 2006 05 0298 MILL2015 06 18 blog 2006 05 0294 DON

Town Historian

June 17, 2015


As we worked on the Mill movie, we also visited Arch Newton at his home, when he still lived in Emlenton, and he shared with us his collection of Emlenton Mill resources. Many of these I have already shared in the History of the Mill series.

2015 06 17 blog 2006 05 0271 BOOK 19142015 06 17 blog 2006 05 0270 BOOK 1895

Mill Artist

June 16, 2015


For our Mill movie we took lots of pictures of the Emlenton Mill and Zanella’s Mill but we still needed a few more pictures to complete the story. Miraculously, Douglas Farnham showed up at our farmhouse door asking if we needed any pencil drawings and he made us a number of fantastic drawings of the Mill and its machines for the movie. What a Godsend!

2015 06 16 blog 2006 06 0410 Artist2015 06 16 blog 2006 ART Train V2 0035 EMill

Movies at the Mill

June 15, 2015


By June of 2006, Nancy was using the second floor of the Mill to teach a homeschool class in filmmaking. Note the old oak workbench. We were asked to submit a movie about the Mill to a local contest and visited Zanella Milling to get some shots of a working grain mill.

2015 06 15 blog 2006 05 0205 NAN2015 06 15 blog 2006 05 0210 Z MILL

Cleaning the Mill

June 14, 2015


We spent the next year, 2005-2006, cleaning the Mill from top to bottom, 20,000 sq. feet of it. Michael found a ladder to the third and a half floor and we found inches of bat guano to clean up.

2015 06 14 blog2005 07 19 04 Mill MRN2015 06 14 blog 2005 09 15 02 Mill

Mehl Haus

June 13, 2015


March 8, 2005 with Mr. Stump (in the hat) touring the Mill. I also found a third brochure from 1989 mentioning the “Mehl Haus” (“flour house” where the picture was taken) and the shops in the Mill.

2015 06 13 blog 2005 03 08 17 Mill Mr Stump2015 06 13 blog 2005 01 Emlenton Mill

Mill 2005

June 12, 2015


These pictures were taken early in 2005, probably before we owned the Mill. Nancy is holding one of Mrs. Stumps brochures from the 1990 renovation. She is on the first floor in front of the grain mixer. There is a good shot of the garage that eventually became the patio for the ice cream shop. Paul is standing in the control area next to the elevators.

2915 06 12 blog 2005 04 01 19 NAN Mill2015 06 12 blog 2005 03 08 24 Mill2015 06 12 blog 2005 04 01 23 PGN Mill