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April 20, 2015


When the Mill first opened there was a steam engine mounted between the flour house and the Mill. The mounts are still under the patio. When we bought the Mill in 2005 there was garage between the two buildings. We removed the garage and built a stone patio, thrust and planter in its place. It was one of our biggest renovation projects.

2015 04 20 blog 2008 06 NN 2525 EMill Garage2015 04 20 blog 2010 05 26 1581 EMill SMILES2015 04 20 blog 2009 07 02 EMill planters

The Creamery

April 19, 2015


We built the ice cream shop to promote the museum because we felt we needed something to draw people into the Mill. It was built in what was originally the loading dock for the Mill and the floor still had barrel rings from the molasses barrels. We served Perrys ice cream and we loved meeting all of the people who came to visit. The blackboard is from an old schoolhouse.

2015 04 19 blog 2008 08 553 EMill Creamery2015 04 19 blog 2008 06 NN 2459 EMill Creamery

Creamery Kitchen

April 18, 2015


This is the creamery kitchen on the first floor of the Mill. The access to the molasses cistern has been boarded up and covered with green floor tiles. It had a three bowl sink, a hand wash sink, a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator and two freezers, one of which we called robo-freezer because it was so big. It also had lots of shelving for food and dishware.

2015 04 18 blog creamery kitchen2015 04 18 blog 2009 10 1206 EMill Creamery

Molasses Cistern

April 17, 2015


The 3000 gallon molasses cistern is located at the basement level. Perhaps you remember the valve in the basement (4/15/15 blog) and the molasses pump (4/4/15 blog). The access to the cistern was on the first floor under where we wanted to put the Creamery kitchen but the Dept of Ag wouldn’t allow a trap door in a kitchen so we cut a new access from the basement.

2015 04 17 blog 18122015 04 17 blog 1853

Basement Grain Handlers

April 16, 2015


The hopper shown is in the basement of the Mill. You can see the chute to the right where the grain entered the Mill from outside. The hopper is suspended from the Fairbanks scale on the floor above so the grain could be weighed. The miller then pulled a control and the bottom of the hopper opened and the grain fell into a pit where it was picked up by the grain elevators and traveled to the fifth floor. The two 36 foot grain bins are located just behind the hopper. In the second picture the base of the smaller grain elevator is shown. Again the grain came in from the right where it was picked up by the buckets of the grain elevator and taken to the third floor.

2015 04 16 blog 2006 05 0403 Hopper2015 04 16 blog 2006 05 0401 Elevator


April 15, 2015


The basement of the Mill was reasonably empty when we purchased the Mill in 2005. It contained one piece of machinery which is either a hammer mill or a feed chopper, I’m not sure. Some of the original wood columns had been reinforced with cement pillars. There was a large valve in the wall that led to the molasses cistern.

2015 04 15 blog 2006 05 0393 Basement2015 04 15 blog 2006 05 0397 H Mill2015 04 15 blog 2006 05 0394

Feed Sacks

April 14, 2015


Nancy collected feed sack dresses and toys and quilts and displayed them at the Mill. There was even a seven minute video about the feed sacks on a kiosk by the door to the patio. Feed sacks (flour sacks) were made of cotton. My favorite story, we don’t know if it’s true, is that a size two dress is made from two feed sacks.

2015 04 14 blog feed sack items at the mill 22015 04 14 blog quilts at the mill 12015 04 14 blog feed sacks at the mill 3

Buffalo Scale

April 13, 2015


The Buffalo scale is located on the first floor near the 2nd street door and served the third floor grain elevator. This was the smaller grain elevator that we repaired and was operational. Unlike the Fairbanks scale that weighed the bin in the basement, the Buffalo scale had a platform on the first floor and you could still weigh yourself accurately on it- in bushels.

2015 04 13 blog 2006 05 0309 SCALE2015 04 13 blog 2006 biffalo

Seed Blender

April 12, 2015


The seed blender was located on the second floor right above the first floor packing area. If you know what it was for, please let me know. The large motor was originally located (2005) on the cement dock to the left of the second street door. When we built the boardwalk we moved it to the SE corner under the boardwalk where it still resides. It is the largest motor in the Mill. What was it for?

2015 04 12 blog 2006 05 0319 BLENDER2015 04 12 blog 2006 05 0304 EQUIP2015 04 12 Blog 2008 06 NN 2302

Feed Mixer

April 11, 2015


The feed mixer is the newest piece of Mill equipment in the Mill. It was purchased in 1953. Its motor was on the second floor and its bearings were in the basement.

2015 04 11 blog 2008 06 NN 26152015 04 11 blog 2006 05 0307 MIXER