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Thirteen Clocks Game – Solution

May 12, 2015


The Duke (2) was cold but Saralinda (8) was warm in every wind and weather. The Golux (5) was Listen (6) and Zorn (3) was the minstrel. Hark plotted and Hagga (10) laughed and there was a happy ending and even the Todal (4) was pleased. And as they rode off into Ever After the night was lighted by a yellow moon with a star (*) in it’s horn. Therefore the combination to the safe is 28563104*.

Thanks for playing the game.

Today the DEP permits for the Mill cleanup were filed. Work could start as early as the end of May. Yea!!

2015 05 12 blog 70902015 05 12 blog After 5961

Powered Auger

April 10, 2015


We found something in the fire pit that we didn’t recognize. It was an auger (see 4/3/15 post about the pair of pants packer in the first floor packing area). So we searched through our photos and found the motor and the belts and wheels that must have driven that auger. In ten years, I had never put this together until I saw the auger in the fire pit. Cool!

2015 04 10 blog IMG_6523 Auger2015 04 10 blog 2008 09 NN 34752015 04 10 blog 2008 09 NN 3474