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Keister Family Band 6/15/13

June 10, 2013


The Keister Family Band has been performing for about 4 years with our current members, but we’ve been around forever!  Our members include brothers John and Jay Keister, and their sisters, Nancy Jeannerat and Dixie Wentling.  Niece Susan Ochs rounds out the 5-member band.  Jay’s son, Jake helps out on the mandolin whenever he is available.

John and Dixie keep rhythm on guitars, Nancy plays the fiddle, Jay steals the show on the banjo, and Susan keeps time on the bass fiddle.  We share the vocals and enjoy close, family harmony.

We can never remember a time when music wasn’t a big part of our lives.  Parents John and Wilda Keister played instruments and raised a musical family of 12 children.  From accordions, to fiddles, to pianos and guitars, there was always an abundance of instruments in the back room of our house in Pine City. 

2011 05 2527 Kiester

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