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Grain Bin Studio Equipment

February 11, 2015


Here is a quick rundown of the equipment in the Grain Bin Studio. The speakers are Acoustic Research AR3a. The tape recorder is a four track Teac using quarter inch magnetic tape. To the right of the recorder is a hundred watt lunchbox amplifier designed by Stan Kriz. To the left is the meter head/power supply/headphone amplifier for the board. I built the mixing board by hand out of Aluminum stock. The electronics which is all rack mountable includes compressors, Stan’s 90db version of a dolby unit, reverbs, and matrixes. The center section originally held the board at the left and then later held the Teac board. the red back board is from a Three Rivers Computer booth. The tall rack holds the WRCT green machines that provided late night music. Originally it was a data logger from the Pittsburgh airport. The small rack is the six track recorder, Ampex deck and electronics. The poster is a Maxfield Parrish that hung in the original CMU studio.

2015 02 08 blog 2013 grain Bin studio 3a2015 02 08 blog 2013 grain bin studio 2a


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  1. May 17, 2015

    Any way to get a playlist out of those automation green machines?

    • May 18, 2015

      Many moons have past since those machines spun their reels. I have many tapes packed away and if I find that one I will let you know. I do remember the theme song for that show was Wipe Out by the Surfaris. Other music was from the 1960’s. Paul

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