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Fourth Floor Signs

February 22, 2015


This is a long shot of Texas showing the staircase in the foreground and our sitting area to the right. We always thought this would make a great artists studio as long as the artist liked to climb stairs. We kept a museum of signs here. At the bottom right is a Raddison Canoe sign from the Mill. There are also signs from the many restaurants that started at the Mill including Sit-n-Bull and The Complete Burger. There is a sign for the Silver Fox Inn and for Perq Systems.The view from the fourth floor was spectacular. We had a camera in Texas sending pictures to Flicker. There are over a million pictures there of the I80 bridge at all times of the day and weather. This is one of the last photos taken, about noon, the day the Mill burned. To see more go to:

2015 02 22 blog Texas2015 02 22 blog view

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