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Opening Day

May 14, 2015


The new flouring mills, whose completion had for several months been eagerly anticipated by the citizens, is now in full operation, having ground the trial installment of wheat on this twentieth [of January]. The main building is a massive frame structure, forty feet long by sixty, four stories high, with a basement and a commodious engine house attached. The basement contains the pit machinery, which is of the most approved construction, the elevator hoppers, a first class corn sheller, a smut machine, and a large space for the storage of empty barrels. On the ground floor are four run of French burr mill stones of the finest quality, two of them for grinding wheat, one for chopping feed, and the fourth for again operating the middlings. A magnificent separator, for ridding the grain of all foreign seeds, occupies one corner, directly above the smutting apparatus.

Oil City Derrick 2/4/1875

0107 2006 05 0267 E MILL 19140106 2006 05 0283 MAP 1891

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