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Mill Capacity

May 18, 2015


The mills are capable of grinding one hundred barrels of flour and four hundred bushels of chop each twenty-four hours, thus affording the farmers of the surrounding districts a first-class market for their produce. Such grain as cannot be procured from this source to keep the mills constantly employed will be imported from the west by rail. As may be imagined, the opening of this splendid institution has already contributed largely to the increase of all branches of business. Vast quantities of grain have been received from the townships, the thrifty ruralists promptly availing themselves of the advantages of a cash market. The demand for the products of the mills exceeds the most sanguine calculation, and the owners enjoy facilities that will enable them to compete with Pittsburgh for the vast flour trade of the lower oil fields. It is intended soon to begin the manufacture of flour barrels on an extensive scale, thus still further augmenting the circulation of money and employment of skilled labor. No event of greater importance than the completion of the “Emlenton Mills” has ever before transpired in this section, and it is gratifying to believe the spirited projectors will be abundantly rewarded for their commendable enterprise.

J.J.M. Oil City Derrick 2/4/1875

2915 05 18 blog Emlenton East End2015 05 18 blog PRR Railroad Station

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