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May 29, 2015


Carolee Michener writing for the News Herald of Franklin says: The buildings will be insulated and heating systems are planned on each floor. A brick chimney goes from the basement to the roof, making it possible to tie in heat on each floor. The full basement under the Mill has large stone walls. The Mill was erected by Cochran and Bennett in 1875 as a flour mill. On January 1. 1889, The Emlenton Milling Company was organized with A Cochran, W.J. McConnell and Albert Cochran. During World War II, the Mill was used for storage by the Bantam Company and by Quaker State Refinery. In 1946 it returned to operation as a mill, grinding feed, Eugene Terwilliger was miller and he recalled he worked there two years, until 1948 when he bought the business. He continued to operate it as a mill until 1974.

Source: The News Herald of Franklin 4/3/1989

2015 05 29 blog 1989 08 25 Mill Front

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