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Twig and Stump

June 4, 2015


Lawrence Sanata writing for the Herald 8/25/1989 says: Eugene Terwilliger, “Twig”, had contemplated tearing down the towering Mill because of problems securing and paying insurance on the structure. (I’ve heard he had an Amish crew lined up to do the job) Terwilliger was the last in a long line of “millers”, the name given to Mill operators. He operated the Mill from 1947 to 1974. At one time, millers were the most influential members of the community, overseeing the most important industry in some towns. If not one of the most influential, he remains one of the most colorful. Troubled about the possibility of the Mill being torn down, Bill Stump, another long time Emlenton resident and businessman, teamed up with Twig. Together, they and some others transformed the old business into a new venture.

Source: Herald 8/25/1989

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