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Thirteen Clocks Game- Combination Lock

May 10, 2015


Once upon a time in a gloomy castle on a lonely hill.

There were thirteen clocks whose hearts stood still.

Thirteen clocks the Duke did kill.

In a gloomy castle on a lonely hill.

James Thurber- The Thirteen Clocks

The solution to the game is to find the electronic combination to the safe and open it. To do this you need the game grid (see previous post) the story we have been telling here and the questions below. Fill in the clock number from the game grid that goes with the answer in each blank below. The Golux says choose wisely. You only get three chances.

The ___ was cold but ___ was warm in every wind and weather.

The ___ was ___ and ____ was the minstrel.

Hark plotted and ___ laughed and there was a happy ending and even the ___ was pleased.

And as they rode off into Ever After the night was lighted by a yellow moon with a ___ in it’s horn.

You can Email your solution to

Thanks for playing!

2015 04 25 blog Golux

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