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Thirteen Clocks Game – Solution

May 12, 2015


The Duke (2) was cold but Saralinda (8) was warm in every wind and weather. The Golux (5) was Listen (6) and Zorn (3) was the minstrel. Hark plotted and Hagga (10) laughed and there was a happy ending and even the Todal (4) was pleased. And as they rode off into Ever After the night was lighted by a yellow moon with a star (*) in it’s horn. Therefore the combination to the safe is 28563104*.

Thanks for playing the game.

Today the DEP permits for the Mill cleanup were filed. Work could start as early as the end of May. Yea!!

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Thirteen Clocks Game- Hint

May 11, 2015


You say you need a hint. The Princess Saralinda says that you need to remember that the lock on the safe has 12 keys not ten.

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Thirteen Clocks Game- Combination Lock

May 10, 2015


Once upon a time in a gloomy castle on a lonely hill.

There were thirteen clocks whose hearts stood still.

Thirteen clocks the Duke did kill.

In a gloomy castle on a lonely hill.

James Thurber- The Thirteen Clocks

The solution to the game is to find the electronic combination to the safe and open it. To do this you need the game grid (see previous post) the story we have been telling here and the questions below. Fill in the clock number from the game grid that goes with the answer in each blank below. The Golux says choose wisely. You only get three chances.

The ___ was cold but ___ was warm in every wind and weather.

The ___ was ___ and ____ was the minstrel.

Hark plotted and ___ laughed and there was a happy ending and even the ___ was pleased.

And as they rode off into Ever After the night was lighted by a yellow moon with a ___ in it’s horn.

You can Email your solution to

Thanks for playing!

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Thirteen Clocks Game- Flour House Third Floor

May 9, 2015


This is the Third floor of the flour house. Someday we hope to renovate it into more hostel. The Prince and the Golux returned to the Duke’s Black Oak room where all the clocks were frozen at ten minutes to five. Wizards and tinkers had tried to restart the clocks but to no avail. With the help of the Princess Saralinda the clocks were unfrozen, she was warm in every wind and weather, and the Prince counted out the thousand jewels as the 13 clocks struck five. The Prince married the Princess, and rode off to Ever After under a moon with a star in its horn. The Todal ate the Duke and pretty much all the details were sorted out except for one: You still need to open the safe. We wish you well!

2015 05 09 blog clock final2015 05 09 blog 2008 10 NN 4294

Thirteen Clocks Game – Flour House Second Floor

May 8, 2015


This is the Second floor of the Flour House. The cabinet doors you see on the walls here and the ceiling of the Creamery were bought on Ebay and brought from Kentucky by Nancy. Reaching Hagga’s hill, the Prince discovered that although Hagga wept no more- that the jewels of laughter would last for a fortnight. So with the help of the Golux, the Prince returned to the Duke with a thousand jewels. Along the way the Prince learned that the Duke who wanted to marry Saralinda couldn’t because her nurse had cast a spell on him and he had to let the Prince try for her hand. But the Prince still had to restart the clocks. Upward!

2015 05 08 blog 2008 10 NN 42922015 05 08 blog clock 12

Thirteen Clocks Game- Flour House First Floor

May 7, 2015


This is the first floor of the Flour House. The Flour House was built after the Mill, perhaps in the 1920s. It is concrete and steel construction with double floors and tongue and groove paneling. The Flour House was used to store grain and later to store military equipment during WW2. More recently is has stored canoes and been home to a Boy Scout troop. It is currently renovated into a hostel for cyclists and canoeists. Hagga lived a long way from the Duke’s castle and along the way the Golux told the Prince her sad story. As they passed a peasant in a purple smock the Golux explained that Hagga wept no more. Too many people had told her sad stories to reap her precious tears and she was cried out. Upward!

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Thirteen Clocks Game – Second Floor

May 6, 2015


This is the second floor leather shop. At one time it was part of the antique area but before that it may have been an office for the mill. For a while we had a craft studio where you will now find the cafe on Main street. It was called the Craft Mill and gave classes. As you may remember, the Duke had sent Zorn in search of 1000 jewels thinking he could get them from his father the King of Zorna but the Duke purposely placed a deadline on the quest which was to short to get the jewels from Zorna. So the Prince and the Golux set off to find Hagga who had the gift of weeping jewels. It’s time to find the Flour House. Be careful, the path is steep and the drop is treacherous. Today is Nancy and my thirty-sixth anniversary.

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Thirteen Clocks Game – Basement

May 5, 2015


Welcome to the dungeon, I mean the basement. In the early days of the mill it was powered by a steam engine which was located between the mill and the flour house. Water was brought from springs on the hill in pine pipes and the condensate ran to the river. You can still see the mounts for the main drive shaft here in the basement from which belts ran up to the floors above to power the machines. The strange rounded depressions in the floor were for the fly wheels. Here in the basement were the hammer mills which ground the grain. The one remaining is electric. The iron guards of the Duke had armor and spears and didn’t believe in the Golux. I’ve heard they were into leather.

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Thirteen Clocks Game- Creamery

May 4, 2015


This is now the ice cream shop but before it was renovated it was a flower shop and back in the days of the mill it was the receiving dock for molasses. Molasses was mixed with grain to make sweet feed for horses. The large white machine in the center of the first floor of the mill is a grain mixer. If you look closely you can see the barrel rings from the old drums of molasses on the floor of the ice cream shop. Under the kitchen is a three thousand gallon molasses tank from the very early days of the mill. You’ve probably been wondering why the Princess hung out with the wicked Duke. She was warm in every wind and weather but he was always cold. One reason was because the Duke has a set of very nasty guards and a dank dungeon. (as in basement)

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Thirteen Clocks Game – Second Floor

May 3, 2015


This is the Second floor. This area was also used to store grain but it was cleared out in the 1970’s and the 2nd floor was used to sell antiques. You may find some old crafter markings here. You can also see the inside of an old grain bin here with its slanted tin floor. We use the second floor for games, crafts and birthday parties. Hark found the Prince’s raiment and belongings in town and brought them to the Duke. Hark wears a velvet mask and cloak and hood. The Duke sets the Prince and impossible task and warns him not to trust the Golux. “He can not tell what can be from what can’t.” If Zorn succeeds he wins the hand of Saralinda, if he fails he gets fed to the Todal. I’ve heard that Saralinda likes ice cream.

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