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Mill Co-operative

June 7, 2015


Renee Gendreau writing for the New Castle News in 11/7/1989 says: It was when Terwilliger began to realize that he may have to give up the Mill because of high upkeep cost that Mrs. Stump jumped in. A former English teacher at Youngstown State University. Mrs. Stump had researched the history of the Mill and thought it would be a great place for tours or offices. Somehow, though the office idea got lost along the wayside and Stump and Terwilliger , along with other stockholders, decided to turn the Mill into a co-operative with hand crafters leasing space to sell their wares. Currently ten people lease space on the Mill’s first floor with the second floor being dedicated to antiques. Those involved in the co-op are required to work three days out of every 27 days. The owners also give historical tours of the Mill, explaining to visitors the significance of each of the original pieces of machinery in the Mill.

Source: The New Castle News 11/7/1989

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