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Still looking for an outfitters

June 8, 2015


Renee Gendreau writing for the New Castle News in 11/7/1989 says: The area around the Mill, located on the banks of the Allegheny River, is also starting to regenerate. A bed and breakfast has located behind the Mill and houses and stores in the neighborhood are sprucing up and repainting. “We’re still looking for a sit down restaurant and an outfitters” Mrs Stump said of the area that “people have said it looks like a little Christmas village.” Built in 1875 the mill was powered by gas heated steam and was operated by Terwilliger since 1947. Terwilliger shipped grain all over the world until operations ceased in 1974. In the 19th century, millers were called masters and looked upon as leaders in their communities with knowledge in areas as diverse as engineering and food storage. Mills, where people had to go for their grain, lumber and cloth, were gathering places for news, commerce or even romance.

Source: The New Castle News 11/7/1989

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