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2005 Purchase of the Mill

June 11, 2015


We purchased the Mill from Bill Stump of the Old Emlenton Mill Company in the Spring of 2005. The antique coop of the 1990’s closed before the turn of the century so the Mill had been closed for at least five years when we purchased it. It had a single layer of clapboard and Nancy was fond of saying the wind blew through it and the bats blew through it. We came to purchase the Mill because some Christian friends asked us to help them find a building in Emlenton for a coffee house. When Nancy prayed about it she felt the Lord tell her to buy the Mill. We had been living just outside Emlenton for five years and our former house in Murrysville had been on the market all that time. Miraculously, a buyer appeared with cash just in time to provide the funds to purchase the Mill. It was one of the first of many miracles connected with the Mill.

2015 06 11 blog 2006 05 0297 EMILL 2006

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