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Bunkhouse Third Floor

April 25, 2015


The third floor of the Flour House (Bunkhouse) was used for storage. Since we couldn’t use the upper floors of the Mill for the public we used them for storage. The downside to this is that we carried a lot of heavy stuff up a lot of stairs. By we, I include Joe Hanna and sons, my kids and Libby’s AmeriCorps volunteers. On the third floor of the Bunkhouse we stored the parts of the trade show booth Whitaker had given us that we hadn’t used yet in the renovations. We also had enough metal racking and mattresses to outfit the third floor if we had ever been able to afford the fire escape required to allow the public on the third floor. That’s pretty much the tour of the Mill from top to bottom. There are a few more secrets we may get to share once the debris is removed. Next, I think I will take you on the Thirteen Clocks tour of the Mill. Thanks for the Likes.

2015 04 25 blog Golux2015 04 25 blog 2008 10 NN 4294

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