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The Thirteen Clocks Game

April 26, 2015


How about a game – Cute Princess, angry old Duke – Is that why you came?

You’ll need a time card- Find clock times to open safe –  Don’t run, be on guard!

Start in the Cafe- Find score card, fill in the blanks – It’s simple to play.

Now two the basement – Find the cold Dukes secret way – Get the odd placement?

It’s a triangle – Zorn, Saralinda, the Duke – Control room tangle.

Back in 2008, as we were beginning to open the mill to the public, we decided to create a scavenger hunt that would tour the Mill. It was to be based on Thurbers’s story The Thirteen Clocks and who better to test the game than my daughter Saralinda who is named after the Princess in the story and her CMU friends. To win the game you had to open the combination safe in the old Mill safe with numbers and story information found at thirteen stations around the Mill and Flour House. Stay tuned!

2015 04 25 blog Golux2008 06 NN 2547 EMill SAN

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