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Thirteen Clocks Game- First Floor

April 29, 2015


This is the main control station for the Mill. Here the miller could control all of the functions of the mill. He could weigh the incoming grain, send it up the elevators to the top of the mill and using the turn wheels he could route the grain to the various processing machines and storage bins. Grain could also be mixed and bagged on this floor. The Prince, Zorn of Zorna, has been seen here. He also goes under the guise of a wandering minstrel. He is trying to win the hand of Saralinda but the Duke doesn’t want her to leave since she is the only warmth around. Fortunately Zorn has been befriended by the Golux who has been known to frequent the upper floors of the mill. But be very careful because the Todal has been seen in Texas.

2015 04 29 blog 2006 05 0303 Mill CONTROL2015 04 29 blog clock 32015 04 29 blog 2008 10 NN 4289

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