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Thirteen Clocks Game – Basement

April 28, 2015


Welcome to the Emlenton Mill built in 1875. The grain entered the mill here in the basement from rail car or wagon. The grain hopper is connected to the scale on the first floor above. The grain was weighed and sent to the 5th floor via the grain elevators. This is where the Duke hangs out. “The Duke was always cold. He was six foot four and forty six and even colder than he thought he was.” His niece, the Princess Saralinda was “warm in every wind and weather but he was always cold.” And of course there is always a handsome Prince. I’ve heard he might be found near the turn wheels. By the way, you can play along with this game. Yesterdays blog contained the game grid and instructions on how to play. Perhaps we can even come up with a prize.
2015 04 28 nlog Clock 22015 04 28 blog 2008 10 NN 4286

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