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Thirteen Clocks Game- More Third Floor

May 2, 2015


This is the Third floor. This is also the area where grain was stored in large grain bins. The largest grain bins in the mill are three stories tall and the smallest the size of a closet. This is an area of secret rooms. This room has a secret door and opens to a grain bin with a 40’ ladder to the basement. Listen can be found here. If that sounds like what I said about the Golux, there is a reason. The Duke thinks Listen is his invisible spy but actually Listen is the Golux is disguise, if invisibility can be called a disguise. The Duke also thinks he fed Listen to the geese. Are you confused yet? Perhaps it’s time you found Hark- he’s the Duke’s head spy and he even seems to be on the Duke’s side. I’ve heard he likes to play pool in his time off.

2015 05 02 blog 2008 10 NN 42972015 05 02 blog clock 6

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