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Thirteen Clocks Game – Second Floor

May 3, 2015


This is the Second floor. This area was also used to store grain but it was cleared out in the 1970’s and the 2nd floor was used to sell antiques. You may find some old crafter markings here. You can also see the inside of an old grain bin here with its slanted tin floor. We use the second floor for games, crafts and birthday parties. Hark found the Prince’s raiment and belongings in town and brought them to the Duke. Hark wears a velvet mask and cloak and hood. The Duke sets the Prince and impossible task and warns him not to trust the Golux. “He can not tell what can be from what can’t.” If Zorn succeeds he wins the hand of Saralinda, if he fails he gets fed to the Todal. I’ve heard that Saralinda likes ice cream.

2015 05 03 blog 2008 10 NN 42952015 05 03 blog clock 7

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