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Thirteen Clocks Game – Second Floor

May 6, 2015


This is the second floor leather shop. At one time it was part of the antique area but before that it may have been an office for the mill. For a while we had a craft studio where you will now find the cafe on Main street. It was called the Craft Mill and gave classes. As you may remember, the Duke had sent Zorn in search of 1000 jewels thinking he could get them from his father the King of Zorna but the Duke purposely placed a deadline on the quest which was to short to get the jewels from Zorna. So the Prince and the Golux set off to find Hagga who had the gift of weeping jewels. It’s time to find the Flour House. Be careful, the path is steep and the drop is treacherous. Today is Nancy and my thirty-sixth anniversary.

2015 05 06 blog 2008 10 NN 42962015 05 06 blog clock 10

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