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Thirteen Clocks Game- Flour House First Floor

May 7, 2015


This is the first floor of the Flour House. The Flour House was built after the Mill, perhaps in the 1920s. It is concrete and steel construction with double floors and tongue and groove paneling. The Flour House was used to store grain and later to store military equipment during WW2. More recently is has stored canoes and been home to a Boy Scout troop. It is currently renovated into a hostel for cyclists and canoeists. Hagga lived a long way from the Duke’s castle and along the way the Golux told the Prince her sad story. As they passed a peasant in a purple smock the Golux explained that Hagga wept no more. Too many people had told her sad stories to reap her precious tears and she was cried out. Upward!

2015 05 07 clock 112015 05 07 blog 2008 10 NN 4291

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