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Thirteen Clocks Game- Creamery

April 27, 2015


Welcome to The Emlenton Mill Creamery. Live music on Saturdays at 7pm. This is where you get your game grid and have it stamped with your start time. Note that the clock above points to one o’clock and that we have entered a 1 on the time line of the Inn Keeper square on the grid. Please enter your start time in the same square. Next proceed to the mill. Your goal is to figure out the combination to the safe. In the safe you will find a game log and a stamp to certify your game grid and entitle you to a free milkshake. A spy told us that the wicked Duke is always cold and might be found near the grain elevator. “We wish you well.”

2015 04 27 blog clock 12015 04 27 blog 2010 05 1581 EMill SMILES2015 04 27 blog grid

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