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Thirteen Clocks Game- More Third Floor

May 2, 2015


This is the Third floor. This is also the area where grain was stored in large grain bins. The largest grain bins in the mill are three stories tall and the smallest the size of a closet. This is an area of secret rooms. This room has a secret door and opens to a grain bin with a 40’ ladder to the basement. Listen can be found here. If that sounds like what I said about the Golux, there is a reason. The Duke thinks Listen is his invisible spy but actually Listen is the Golux is disguise, if invisibility can be called a disguise. The Duke also thinks he fed Listen to the geese. Are you confused yet? Perhaps it’s time you found Hark- he’s the Duke’s head spy and he even seems to be on the Duke’s side. I’ve heard he likes to play pool in his time off.

2015 05 02 blog 2008 10 NN 42972015 05 02 blog clock 6

Thirteen Clocks Game – Third Floor

May 1, 2015


This is the Third floor. This is the terminus of the third and smaller grain elevator and its shakers and cyclones. This is an area of secret rooms, this one contains Paul’s CMU recording studio. The Golux can be found here. “I am the Golux the only Golux in the world and not a mere device.” “I make mistakes but I’m on the side of good.” The Golux befriends the Prince and helps him spin a yarn that keeps the Duke from killing him outright and instead the Duke sets him a task. Unfortunately, the Duke’s spy Hark has discovered that the minstrel is the Prince Zorn of Zorna and the Duke sends Zorn out for a thousand jewels but doesn’t give him time to return to his kingdom to fetch them.

2015 05 01 blog 2008 10 NN 42982015 05 01 clock 5

Thirteen Clocks Game – Texas

April 30, 2015


Welcome to Texas. We don’t know why it’s called Texas but it may be because it is far away and very hot in the summer. This floor contains the shakers and cyclones for the main grain elevators. These machines separate the grain. The floor above also contains a huge routing ring that is connected to the turn wheel on the first floor. This is the domain of the Todal. “The Todal looks like a blob of glup. It makes the sound of rabbits screaming and smells of old unopened rooms.” It is waiting for the Duke to fail in some evil endeavor. “And when he does the blob will glup him.” Best you move on and find the Golux. He may help you, or perhaps not.

2915 04 30 blog clock 42015 04 30 blog 2008 10 NN 4299

Thirteen Clocks Game- First Floor

April 29, 2015


This is the main control station for the Mill. Here the miller could control all of the functions of the mill. He could weigh the incoming grain, send it up the elevators to the top of the mill and using the turn wheels he could route the grain to the various processing machines and storage bins. Grain could also be mixed and bagged on this floor. The Prince, Zorn of Zorna, has been seen here. He also goes under the guise of a wandering minstrel. He is trying to win the hand of Saralinda but the Duke doesn’t want her to leave since she is the only warmth around. Fortunately Zorn has been befriended by the Golux who has been known to frequent the upper floors of the mill. But be very careful because the Todal has been seen in Texas.

2015 04 29 blog 2006 05 0303 Mill CONTROL2015 04 29 blog clock 32015 04 29 blog 2008 10 NN 4289

Thirteen Clocks Game – Basement

April 28, 2015


Welcome to the Emlenton Mill built in 1875. The grain entered the mill here in the basement from rail car or wagon. The grain hopper is connected to the scale on the first floor above. The grain was weighed and sent to the 5th floor via the grain elevators. This is where the Duke hangs out. “The Duke was always cold. He was six foot four and forty six and even colder than he thought he was.” His niece, the Princess Saralinda was “warm in every wind and weather but he was always cold.” And of course there is always a handsome Prince. I’ve heard he might be found near the turn wheels. By the way, you can play along with this game. Yesterdays blog contained the game grid and instructions on how to play. Perhaps we can even come up with a prize.
2015 04 28 nlog Clock 22015 04 28 blog 2008 10 NN 4286

Thirteen Clocks Game- Creamery

April 27, 2015


Welcome to The Emlenton Mill Creamery. Live music on Saturdays at 7pm. This is where you get your game grid and have it stamped with your start time. Note that the clock above points to one o’clock and that we have entered a 1 on the time line of the Inn Keeper square on the grid. Please enter your start time in the same square. Next proceed to the mill. Your goal is to figure out the combination to the safe. In the safe you will find a game log and a stamp to certify your game grid and entitle you to a free milkshake. A spy told us that the wicked Duke is always cold and might be found near the grain elevator. “We wish you well.”

2015 04 27 blog clock 12015 04 27 blog 2010 05 1581 EMill SMILES2015 04 27 blog grid

The Thirteen Clocks Game

April 26, 2015


How about a game – Cute Princess, angry old Duke – Is that why you came?

You’ll need a time card- Find clock times to open safe –  Don’t run, be on guard!

Start in the Cafe- Find score card, fill in the blanks – It’s simple to play.

Now two the basement – Find the cold Dukes secret way – Get the odd placement?

It’s a triangle – Zorn, Saralinda, the Duke – Control room tangle.

Back in 2008, as we were beginning to open the mill to the public, we decided to create a scavenger hunt that would tour the Mill. It was to be based on Thurbers’s story The Thirteen Clocks and who better to test the game than my daughter Saralinda who is named after the Princess in the story and her CMU friends. To win the game you had to open the combination safe in the old Mill safe with numbers and story information found at thirteen stations around the Mill and Flour House. Stay tuned!

2015 04 25 blog Golux2008 06 NN 2547 EMill SAN

Bunkhouse Third Floor

April 25, 2015


The third floor of the Flour House (Bunkhouse) was used for storage. Since we couldn’t use the upper floors of the Mill for the public we used them for storage. The downside to this is that we carried a lot of heavy stuff up a lot of stairs. By we, I include Joe Hanna and sons, my kids and Libby’s AmeriCorps volunteers. On the third floor of the Bunkhouse we stored the parts of the trade show booth Whitaker had given us that we hadn’t used yet in the renovations. We also had enough metal racking and mattresses to outfit the third floor if we had ever been able to afford the fire escape required to allow the public on the third floor. That’s pretty much the tour of the Mill from top to bottom. There are a few more secrets we may get to share once the debris is removed. Next, I think I will take you on the Thirteen Clocks tour of the Mill. Thanks for the Likes.

2015 04 25 blog Golux2015 04 25 blog 2008 10 NN 4294